Life needs vortex motion to sustain the energy feeding the structure of physical and subtle existence. To maintain vortex motion and keep the structure of life intact, nature uses the ovoid shape.

Although it’s not visible to our eyes, from the interior of seeds, fruits and the female ovum to hurricanes, tornadoes and water, energy moves in a vortex and maintains life. When the seed finds itself in the perfect conditions, it gives life to a whole new plant. The ovoid shape is the natural container that allows a vortex to form spontaneously and spin infinitely. The ovoid shape is life’s bottle.

Shape Matters. Shape Informs.

Energy without a form to contain it is only a possibility. In the interior of a seed, the memory of the tree or plant that it will become is kept alive.
Scientists have already discovered that the shapes of nature follow patterns of order. The golden ratio is a pattern of growth and development that is repeated in the majority of living organisms, including human beings.

At Vitbot, we learn from nature, incorporating the golden ratio into the egg shape of our bottles. Vitbot jars and bottles may come in different sizes and the necks and finishes may be completely distinct, but the ovoid shape with the golden ratio is never lost.

Structure: The Pillar of Life

What’s the main difference between a kilogram of whole grain wheat and a kilogram of wheat flour? It’s clear: the structure. Water, just like the rest of the foods we eat, gives us energy. The quality of that energy changes drastically depending on how we handle the food or liquid, from its origin up to the point that we eat or drink it.

For example, both a kilogram of wheat and a kilogram of flour will take away our hunger, but while whole grain wheat will give us nutrition and energy, flour will only satisfy our appetite.

How do unstructured, devitalized foods and beverages impact our bodies and our health? Well, as proven in many studies done in the field of nutrition and health, but specifically in the case of flour, we know that it makes us fat, causes cellulite, retains fluids and makes us hungry way before we would be if we were to eat whole grain wheat.

When it comes to whole foods, like wheat, once we have broken the molecular structure, we can no longer put it back together. However, a beverage or nutritional drink can regain its structure because it is 70-90% water. How? Using a container that allows the liquid to move in a vortex. In this way, the water, which is the basis of the juice or nutritional drink, can regain its original hexagonal structure and, as a result, its vitality.

There is no conclusive scientific evidence about the existence or non-existence of a hexagonal structure in water. It is a very controversial subject and insufficiently investigated. At Vitbot, we believe that molecular structure is the pillar that sustains the vitality of water and of all the foods we eat. However, certain conditions need to be met in order to maintain this structure. To do so, we have replicated the conditions found in nature. We have designed our biomimetic bottles to have an egg shape with the golden ratio so that the water, beverages and food contained within them can move in a vortex and, as a result, maintain their vitality up to the moment they are consumed.

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