Vitbot bottles are ideal for all types of drinks: juices, milks, vegetable juices or baby food. Likewise, Vitbot bottles are the optimal solution for packaging cosmetics and essential oils. Finally, Vitbot bottles are the ideal way to store wine, cava or craft beer, Kombucha, kefir, etc. because the maturation and fermentation of these drinks continues within the bottle.

The commercial Vitbot bottles are designed to change the dynamics of food and beverage packaging. Currently, most of the containers found in stores are designed according to aesthetics, price or easy storage. Vitbot incorporates an innovative concept in its bottles: the ovoid shape. This egg shape allows liquids to turn in a vortex within the bottles. Thanks to this movement, a uniform solution of the electrolytes, minerals, etc. contained within the bottle is achieved, preserving the qualities that they had when bottled and allowing the human body to absorb them in a much more efficient manner.

Vitbot bottles can come in many sizes, designs and finishes, depending on the product you’d like to package. The only requirement is keeping the bottle in an ovoid shape with the golden ratio.

Beverage manufacturers have three options: buy bottles from Vitbot, produce their customized Vitbot containers under a royalty license, or reach a Co-Branding agreement with us.

Why at Vitbot do we focus on recyclable rPET and HDPE bottles as well as glass?

Because manufacturers of cold pressed drinks with organic certification, need the bottles of rPET (recycled polyethylene), since it is the only material that supports the high pressures of the HPP technology needed to avoid pasteurization and maintain the original nutrients of drinks.

In the case of manufacturers that pasteurize their organic drinks, they opt for the HDPE recyclable material (High Density Polyethylene), since it is a material that withstands temperatures above 40º C without having migration. HDPE is also an ideal material when you want to have a totally opaque container, and protect the contents of the bottles from light.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to receive sample bottles for testing.

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