ANTONIO LOZANO DOMÈNECH, Ph.D. – PhD in Political Science and Sociology from the Complutense University of Madrid. Master in Business Management from the School of Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

DOLORS MARTORELL REYES – Bachelor of Information Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Master degree in Therapeutic Pedagogy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

What started as a business, a company in the water treatment field, led us to an awareness of a new way of seeing the world. Passionate about this marvelous liquid, water, whose mysteries have captivated many scientists, we discovered the language of nature. We realized that nature seeks to generate, preserve, and maintain life with maximum efficiency. To do so, it uses shape, movement, and growth patterns.

For a long time, we lived on a farm surrounded by forests where we harvested our small garden. Being close to the land, we observed the cycle of life: the vortex motion of the sky, the wind, the water from the falling rain, spring water, river water, ocean water… We observed the shape of seeds, capable of maintaining the memory of a plant inside until they are planted. We observed the ovoid shape of eggs, the body of all vertebrate and invertebrate animals. We observed the growth of the branches of trees and plants, all of them overlapping and alternating, following a Phi growth pattern in order to receive the maximum effectiveness of light from the sun and water from the rain.

Because of this, back in 2014 we decided to move to California and design and create Vitbot bottles. Vitbot was born with the end goal of delivering a product, Vitbot bottles, while at the same time delivering a message: the shape of the container is a key factor for vortex motion and, thanks to that motion, to preserving the vitality of drinks.

Our society has taken a great leap forward in the field of nutrition. Every day, more and more consumers are asking for environmentally-friendly products, and more and more manufacturers are following respectful manufacturing processes, in the broadest sense. We have improved the entire food chain, from the source of the raw materials to the packaging. However, in the packaging and bottling sector, apart from greater use of glass, there has not been an innovative design in keeping with the changing times we are witnessing.

Through Vitbot, we want to contribute to the evolution of how water and all liquid is packaged, and in this way benefit beverages, people, and our planet.

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