When we were young, we used to watch a children’s series where the lead character was a superhero dressed in green who was called “Captain Lettuce.” Captain Lettuce would appear at the end of each episode with his arms crossed over his chest and he would exclaim: “Small changes are powerful!” Vitbot’s mission, in addition to generating a small and powerful change within the food and beverage packaging industry, is to disseminate “the Geometry of Life.”

Our bottles are more than a simple container; each one carries a message on the inside about nature’s technology.

Vitbot’s shape reminds us that nature uses the ovoid shape to save and preserve life. It reminds us of the design of seeds, fruits, eggs, the womb, etc.
The ratio with which Vitbot bottles are designed reminds us of the Phi growth pattern, which is present in the growth of tree branches, sunflower seeds, the distribution of leaves of many cacti, the shells of some snails, the bones of the hands, the shape of the inner and outer ear, etc.

Vitbot bottles allow liquids to move as if in a vortex, which reminds us of the turn of hurricanes, tornadoes, wind and water in springs, rivers and oceans. It tells us that life needs movement to maintain and optimize energy, to sustain life. There is no life without movement.

Vitbot bottles came about from the observation of nature. That is why we will allocate 5% of our profits to disseminate all the knowledge we have gained from nature, especially to children and young people, in order to open their eyes. We are convinced that knowing more deeply the characteristics of the universe in which we live makes us wiser and more respectful people.

With Vitbot bottles, we have turned the simple act of drinking into an action for life. We are convinced that the small gestures of our day-to-day lives are the ones that really have the power to change the world.

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