The idea for Vitbot bottles came about while observing nature. First of all, by observing nature, we realized that most fruits and seeds are ovoid-shaped. It’s the best solution to contain life.

Secondly, we saw that a particular growth pattern exists throughout nature: the golden ratio, or Phi.

And lastly, we learned that nature uses a vortex motion because it is the most effective for containing and maintaining energy. Both atoms and galaxies move in a vortex, and of course, so do rivers and oceans.

Vitbot bottles are the result of these observations; they are designed with an ovoid shape with the golden ratio so that their contents can move in a vortex inside.

«You could view nature as a product catalogue. All those products have benefited from 3.8 billion years of research and development. Given that level of investment, it makes sense to use it».


«When we look at what’s really sustainable, the only real model that has worked over long periods of time is nature».


«Biomimesis is the science that studies nature as a source of inspiration to solve the human problems that nature has already solved».


«We believe that adopting widespread solutions inspired by nature will bring about a new era of design and businesses that will benefit both people and the planet. Let’s make the act of asking nature for advice a normal part of everyday invention».

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