The human body is made up of 80% water at birth and 70% water in adulthood. We are “liquid beings”. At Vitbot, we believe that water is more than a drink to quench our thirst; it’s our essential nutrient, the only one we can’t live without. Convinced of the value of water for all human beings living on Earth, we have created the Liquid Generation movement. The Liquid Generation movement was born out of the idea of connecting all people, companies, entities and organizations who, like us, are aware of the properties and capabilities of water, and who devote their time, money and effort to protecting it.

The Liquid Generation movement includes:

  • People who protect the water they drink and drink the water they take care of.
  • Entities and organizations that work to clean waste from the rivers, seas, and oceans.
  • Companies that have made recycling the plastic in the oceans the focus of their business.
  • Scientists who study and reveal the mysteries and properties of water, at both the physical and subtle level.

With the Liquid Generation, we want to create a network, a meeting place, and a platform to give water a voice. At Vitbot, we believe that each of us is like a wave in the great ocean of life. Together, we can generate a powerful movement of positive change. Share pictures, comments, and any relevant projects on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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