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Egg of Life Serigrafied



We wanted one of our bottles to become your glass, in this way the screen-printed Vitbot Egg of Life Glass was born. The screen-printed Vitbot Egg of Life Glass is a very special bottle, and we tell you why:

The screen-printed glass Vitbot Egg of Life is made in Italy from food-grade cobalt blue glass *. The cobalt blue color is acquired in the oven at more than 2000º of temperature.

The stopper, made in Barcelona, ​​is made of certified extraction * ash wood, natural varnish and plastic thread. It comes in a natural jute bag.

The geometry of the «Egg of Life», silkscreened on the bottle and engraved on the jute bag, reminds us that the energy that originates life is maintained thanks to three fundamental principles: vortex movement, ovoid shape and proportion.

The Screen-printed Glass Egg of Life is:

Biomimetics: Inspired from nature. Ovoid in phi proportion.

Active: Provides measurable benefits.

Sustainable: Manufactured with circular economy criteria.

Weight: 450 g.

Reusable: 555 ml.

Reliable: Cobalt blue color protects water from the sun’s UV rays.

Thanks to its shape, its phi ratio and the complete turning movement with which the water can move inside it, just as it does in rivers and oceans, a great load of vital energy is printed to the water in your drinks. Thanks to the vortex that is generated, is obtained a uniform dissolution of electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, etc .. that are in drinks and, as a consequence, the human body assimilates the properties of water, juices, fermented, etc. more efficiently.

* We have all the certificates that guarantee the origin of the materials we use.

* The bottle can be washed in the dishwasher. The cap must be hand washed with a cloth.

Thanks to the vortex that is generated inside the Vitbot bottles, a uniform dissolution of the beverage’s electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, etc. is obtained. And thanks to this uniform dissolution, the human body absorbs the properties of the water, juice, fermented drink, etc. in a more efficient manner. Cobalt blue is an ideal color for solarizing the water inside the bottle, for those who wish to do so.

The “Egg of Life” geometry, which has been is engraved on the bottle, evokes the essence of life; nature keeps inside the perfect egg shape, while also reminding us of the origin and birth of the Vitbot products.

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