Egg of Life Oil Dispenser

Reusable Lead-free Empty Glass Oil Bottle


We wanted to give your table and your salads another touch, in this way it was born the Vitbot Egg of Life Oil Can. The Vitbot Egg of Life Oil Can preserves your oil and enhances your table, and we tell you why:

The Vitbot Egg of Life Oiler is made in Italy in cobalt blue glass food grade *. The cobalt blue color is acquired in the oven at more than 2000º of temperature.

The pourer is made of stainless steel and cork. The Vitbot Egg of Life Oiler is presented with an aluminum cap, and the landfill in a separate linen bag. The label paper is made from organic seeds *, and the dyes used to color them are eco-friendly *.

The Egg of Life Oil Can is:

Biomimetics: Inspired from nature. Ovoid in phi proportion.

Active: Provides measurable benefits.

Sustainable: Manufactured with circular economy criteria.

Weight: 450 g.

Reusable: 555 ml.

Reliable: Cobalt blue color protects oil from the sun’s UV rays.

Thanks to the ovoid shape in phi ratio of the Vitbot that allows a complete turning movement, the oil is kept in a uniform solution that preserves its essential properties for longer.

* We have all the certificates that guarantee the origin of the materials we use.

* The bottle can be washed in the dishwasher. The landfill must be hand washed.

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