How was the idea for Vitbot Bottles born?

The idea for Vitbot bottles arose from the observation of nature. For twelve years we lived on an agricultural farm where we grew a small orchard. Through daily contact with the earth, we observed falling rainwater always turns in a vortex, the same way it turns in the river, spring and sea. We observed the shape of seeds and eggs, capable of preserving life inside. We noted the growth of tree branches and plants, overlapping, interspersed, following a pattern of growth that allows them to receive sunlight and rainwater with maximum efficiency.

Because of these observations, we decided to create Vitbot and apply the wisdom of nature to our products (a process known as Biomimesis or Biomimetics). The design of Vitbot’s bottles and jars contains three principles omnipresent in nature: the ovoid shape (preserves life), the vortex movement (maintains vitality) and the Golden Ratio (concentrates maximum energy).

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